Benefits of Independence

Independence means you have the flexibility and freedom to run your business the way you feel is best for you.  TFG is here to assist you in growing your business your way.  Ultimately, independence comes down to freedom of choice.  You are free to present various products to your clients from a wide selection of nationally recognized providers of investment and insurance products that support your desire to help guide your clients with their life planning goals and enable you to consolidate your clients’ holdings in one smart move.

Products and Services include:

Well-known mutual fund families
Variable universal life and variable annuities
Retirement planning products
Professional Money Management Services

  • Recurring Revenue

    At TFG, we can help you add an advisory fee-based revenue strategy to your transaction-based business.

  • A Unique Business Building Model

    With TFG, you have the chance to work with other industry professionals and open offices with few territory restrictions.

  • A Belief in Financial Education

    At TFG, we provide more than just a few products and services to help our clients reach their goals. We also advocate financial education. By sharing basic financial concepts, TFG representatives help their clients have a better understanding of their financial situations and how a particular product or service can help them reach their goals, thus giving clients greater knowledge and awareness of their own financial futures.